Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

in the spirit of thanksgiving


^this pretty much sums it up

Flush with success from the Oldenhaller contract the party hooked up with Vahn’s mercenary contact to execute a simple task…to deliver the last will and testament of a merchant who was on the losing end of a duel to his family. On the way to the destination Isundil killed a large boar which was enjoyed by all, not much later the party discovered a dying man on the side of the road.

The dying man was the nephew of the dead merchant…it seems that a battle ensued as he traveled alone on the road, an ambush by beastmen. Upon reaching the estate and delivering the bad news about the younger man the family was distraught. It did not help that they had not yet delivered the bad news about the family’s merchant kin.

Taking the private business into a sideroom with the head of the household, the party tells of the merchants unfortunate fate and delivers the will and pistol; at this time Ondurin Vonreuter advises the party to not bring up this other mishap as it would compound the mourning.

Tactfully, Istar decides to bring it up at dinner. This was only the beginning of the troubles for the party as they were locked in their rooms that night after dinner and visited by a ghost of the dying man that they found along the road! It then became apparent that the party needed to escape Schloss Vonreuter, no easy task.

The daughters provided a way out, one more devious than the other it seemed. Ultimately, the youngest little girl led the players to the laboratory underneath Schloss Vonreuter, where all hell broke loose. monstrosities and zombies of all kind plagued the players, striking terror and fear even into the most hearty adventurer amongst them.

Eventually all of the horror mutants were dispatched and the party made their way outside once again….only to be ambushed by Sothelin Vonreuter on the edge of freedom. He too was dispatched at length and the players made their way back to Nuln, their minds worse for the wear after seeing that which cannot be unseen.

However, not all of the Vonreuter family was dealt with…loose ends have a way of entangling us…



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