So it begins...

the Grand Tome of Ancient Earth

After what seems like months, you have finally reached Nuln. You have been trailing behind a caravan of entertainers for quite sometime…Istar Taneldhir has been lucky enough that the traveling fortune teller has taken a shine to him, revealing more than base astrology…Vahn Schreiber has been providing his skills as an event bouncer extraordinaire…Isundil has taken up with the cooking staff, scrambling off during the daytime stops to snare and kill wild game to feed the caravan…As for Resin Vogel he has fallen in with the theater act proclaiming himself “lord of the dance,” and for a while it seems he is something other than just a vagabond…

However, when the show is over and the performers gather around the dozen bonfires at the end of the night they always congregate together, Isundil, Istar, Vahn and Resin, around the same fire, sharing stories of the day and hopes for their future. It is Nuln that they share, where their past is not important, their present travels only a means to this end, and their future is full of adventure.

When you arrive in Nuln you are all frozen and soaked through. Isundil alone seems to be the only one impervious to shivering. You begin to assist the traveling fair with the task of unpacking the show…the show in Nuln to be the climax of the circuit. In part you feel relief, your life amongst carnies is at an end, you have agreed to stick together when the final show is over to see what work might be had together in Nuln. It is your hope that together you each might escape the tedium of everyday life.

You try the inns on the waterfront, but they are full, many are in town for the grand show of Star Gazer. Finally you meet a man in a tavern who introduces himself as Grolsch Van Eyke. He speaks with a distinct Wastelander accent, and seems to take pity on you.

“Giz’za couple of shillings and I’ll get you a nice warm room somewhere dry and clean” he says.

There are still many hours until nightfall when various shows begin, you are weary from the road and want nothing more than this “warm, dry and clean” he speaks of…



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