Nurgle's Rot

Nurgle’s rot, or more colloquially “the rot,” is a strange disease. It seeks to turn its victim into one of Nurgle’s Plague Bearing Demons. Unfortunately, the mortal form cannot take this tortuous metamorphosis, and must eventually perish under the strain. Only Champions and Beastmen of Nurgle are immune to its effects, serving only as carriers.

Victims gradually mutate until they become a Plague Bearer… Disease incubation is immediately apparent with flu like symptoms, fully blooming after 1 month when the skin turns pale yellow/brown.

the cycle continues as follows:

after 2 months: green blotches appear after 3 months: skin begins to rot, attracting flies after 4 months: a single horn begins to grow from the forehead. after 5 months: horn fully grown, eye begin to move together, nose atrophies. after 6 months: eyes merge into single great eye, feet turn to three-clawed hooves. after 7 months: face dissolves in a horror of melting flesh after 8 months: the victim dies.

note: the is no known cure for this disease, have a nice day.

Nurgle's Rot

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